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Mine Closure 2022
4-6 October 2022 | Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Geochemical Modelling for Mine Closure Course

3 October 2022 |09:00-17:00 | Redlands Room, Hilton Brisbane, Queensland

Event will be held in person only.


This course aims to provide an introduction to geochemical modelling as it relates to mine closure. The course will include generalised approaches, best practices and modelling pitfalls. A key objective of this course is to provide industry professionals and regulators with the tools to critically evaluate model predictions that are used to inform mine planning closure activities.

Course facilitator


Geochemical models are required for mining projects to predict water quality for proposed mine site closure strategies. The models are often developed at the project initiation stage to inform operational mine water and waste management decisions so that projects are designed to minimise environmental impacts at closure. The models are also used to evaluate various closure strategies to determine if additional mitigation (e.g. water treatment) is required or if “walk away” strategies are feasible. Ultimately, the results of geochemical models have a direct impact on mine closure planning and are therefore indirectly an input to closure costing and  bonding.

Due to reliance of geochemical model predictions on key mining project design decisions, regulatory approvals and costing, it is imperative that the model results are understood and scrutinised to ensure the results are used within the constraints of the model inputs (e.g. thermodynamic databases, etc.), and assumptions and are not used to make project decisions beyond the scope of the model predictions. This course presents an overview of geochemical modeling best practices as it relates to modelling for closure, including conceptual and numerical model development, derivation of model inputs, sensitivity analysis, model variation and testing. The intent of this course is to provide the audience with a sufficient understanding of modelling dos and don’ts so they can appropriately review and challenge model inputs, assumptions, and results.

Course Program*

*Program is subject to change

Time Session
Welcome and introduction
Introduction and understanding geochemistry in a closure context
Morning break
Model design
Model design continued and managing model limitations
Afternoon break
Model validation/testing, conclusions and Q&A
Course close

Course presenters

Michael Herrell
Principal Geochemist
SRK Consulting, Canada


Dr Claire Linklater
Principal Geochemist
SRK Consulting


Julien Declercq
Senior Geochemist
SRK Consulting, UK


Laura Volden
SRK Consulting, Canada


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